Implant Retained Denture

Are you fed up with your ill fitting denture and want a more secure option?

An implant retained denture could be the solution you are looking for. Here at Advance Dental & Implant Centre we offer treatment to allow your denture to be attached to dental implants. This treatment will improve the stability of your denture, how you eat and your overall confidence.

An implant retained denture is supported by and attached to dental implants placed in your jaw bone. The dental implants act as anchors to click your denture onto creating a more solid solution to a conventional denture which just rests on your gums.  

Your implant retained denture will be removable for you to be able to clean your denture and around your implants. Like conventional dentures it is recommended to keep them out at night to allow your tissues to breath.

The Results



Implant Retained Denture