Cosmetic Treatments

Many people dream about having a bright, beautiful Hollywood smile. With a wide range of cosmetic treatments available here at Advance Dental & Implant Centre, we can make that happen for you. We listen closely to what our patients want and we strive to produce a tailor made treatment plan to achieve outstanding results.

Amalgam-free fillings (containing no mercury) are becoming more and more popular for health as well as cosmetic reasons. Advance Dental & Implant Centre offers a wide range of white mercury-free materials, each suitable in different circumstances to replace your old silver amalgam fillings.
A dental crown acts as a protective cap which covers all surfaces of the tooth and are used on heavily filled teeth, if the tooth is fractured or very broken down or on a vulnerable root treated tooth.

We use metal free crowns made of porcelain which look very natural and aesthetically pleasing.

As they are made of porcelain they do not leave a black line at the gum level as seen in so many conventional crowns.
Dental bridges are one of the options to replace missing teeth.

Dental bridges are very successful provided that the abutment teeth holding the bridge are of good health and remain so.

Dental bridges are fixed to specially prepared teeth, these teeth are usually the teeth either end of a gap. They are made from the same materials as dental crowns. Teeth on either side of the gap are reshaped and reduced in size. These then act as anchors, or abutments. The dental bridge is attached to these anchor teeth - filling the missing tooth or teeth space.
Veneers are the perfect answer to creating the stunning smile that you have always wanted. A stained or chipped tooth can lower your confidence and make you reluctant to share your smile with the world, but at Advance Dental & Implant Centre we can help. We offer various options of Veneers and these options can be discussed with our dentists at your consultation. A veneer is a new, custom made and permanent front surface for a tooth. Veneers are extremely versatile and can be used to align crowding or protruding teeth, close gaps or lighten tooth colour and make long lasting changes to your smile.
To smile contour, dentists are able to use a polishing instrument to remove small amounts of surface enamel from one or several teeth to help give them a more even appearance. The dentist will be able to apply this procedure to any tooth that looks uneven and is spoiling the aesthetic appearance of your smile. Tooth contouring is a relatively inexpensive and completely pain free procedure that can help give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Small adjustments in the size of your teeth can alter the proportion of the teeth and make the teeth look more even.

Composite Bonding may be used alongside smile contouring to give you the desired tooth shape you are looking for.

While Smile contouring is the removal of small amounts of enamel to give you a more appealing tooth shape, Composite Bonding involves bonding composite filling material to your tooth to create the perfect shape. It is a non evasive procedure which does not involve removing any of your natural tooth surface. Using Smile contouring, Composite Bonding or a mixture of both, you will be able to leave with the perfectly shaped teeth everyone wants.
Home tooth whitening systems allow you to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your own home.

When you choose tray based home tooth whitening you'll need an initial consultation with your dentist, they will be able to tell you if you are suitable for home tooth whitening treatments. If so, your dentist will then take impressions of your teeth which are then used to produce upper/lower trays made of a soft vinyl rubber.

The trays are tailored to fit the exact contours of your teeth and are specially moulded to fit into your mouth like a gum shield. This allows the home teeth whitening gel to closely contact your enamel to produce an all over, consistent, whiter smile. The next step in your home tooth whitening process is a 20 minute consultation at Advance Dental & Implant Centre where your dentist will provide you with your first treatment and will inform you how to use the trays at home. You will be provided with 12 syringes of whitening gel for home use, as well as your custom made trays, and we will be able to answer any questions you have about your tooth whitening system. You will be advised on the best period of time to wear the trays to achieve the desired results.
Advance Dental & Implant Centre is dedicated in providing solutions for missing teeth.

If you have missing teeth or have been putting off visiting the dentist because of loose, painful teeth, we have a solution to help you. Advance dentures are removable replacement teeth which make it easier for you to eat and speak.

They are custom made to suit your mouth to ensure absolute comfort. Advance dentures provide numerous health and lifestyle benefits to give you the confidence that your dentures are effective and well-fitting.

Whether you need partial dentures or complete dentures, our dentists can provide a more natural smile and change the way you feel about dentures.

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